The Shop

A global marketplace to trade sailmaking files and goods


Shop Front

The SailDesigner Shop is the first and only global market place specifically enabling sailmakers and suppliers to buy and sell their stock sail design files, cut files, end of roll materials, hardware, used machinery, consultancy time ... or just about anything legal you can think of selling!

All members have access to the shop, designed to save precious time and money when you just need to quickly get a rig or sail design for a one design class for example.


Trader Account

Existing members can also apply to upgrade their account for free to 'Trader' status.

Trader accounts enable a personalised company branded store on the SailDesigner website, listing all of the traders products and a company description with images and weblinks, a bit like Etsy for the sailmaking industry!


Detailed Reports

Traders have access to all of their sales stats, orders, commissions and even stock in a detailed and simple to understand dashboard.

Trader accounts are free to set up, the only payment to SailDesigner for the service is a small commission for each transaction made through the website.

Any sales commissions owed are transferred fortnightly directly to your PayPal account.


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